Project details

The overall scientific aim of DORADIOS is to develop new efficient strategies for glioblastoma radiosensitization. We aim at identifying highly efficient radiation-drug combinations inhibiting DNA repair and exploring how such treatment combinations work in cells irradiated with high-LET (protons and carbon-ions) versus conventional low-LET (X-rays) radiotherapy.

Expected results
We expect to identify new effective combination treatments for glioma and to reveal molecular mechanisms and potentially identify biomarker signatures that may support the development of personalized treatment of glioma patients. Furthermore, important new knowledge about differences in radiobiological responses for X-ray, protons and carbon-ions will be obtained. We also expect to increase the capabilities of Romanian radiobiology researchers to exploit the proton irradiation/ hadron therapy facilities provided by the ELI-NP, and help preparing the Norwegian radiobiology researchers for future research exploiting the new proton radiotherapy centre at OUH (to be opened in 2023).